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Besides recommending prescriptions from the drug store, World’s Famous Dermatologist is a registered trademark, and we are very proud to offer its guest our privately labeled skincare products.

Depending on the skin condition, we have products designed to aid in the recovery of acne, eczema, folliculitis, irregular pigment, inflammatory scalp conditions, and hair loss.
Skincare product retail is a competitive billion-dollar industry, but there’s nothing like trusting the skincare products that are produced by your dermatology practice.


As acne evolves and progresses, several different therapeutic procedures can aide improvement.

Acne in its smallest, most simplified form shows up on the skin as open or closed comedones, blackhead, and whitehead respectively. When these lesions evolve, they become inflamed papules. Larger acne papules can benefit from provider-administered therapeutic injections, where small amounts of corticosteroids are injected at the bedside.

Acne lesions can continue to grow into a more advanced skin lesion known as a cyst. Cysts can be injected therapeutically also. Besides therapeutic injection, sometimes minor surgeries be a therapeutic procedure that is used to remove cysts from the skin.


In other examples of skin disease such as plaques of eczema, psoriasis, and scarring, the patient may benefit from therapeutic injections. Benign nodules and growths also lend themselves to therapeutic excision, where the provider numbs the area with lidocaine and removes the lesion/ growth with a surgical scalpel. Some examples of benign lesions include skin tags, angiomas, lipomas, warts, cysts, keloids, and normal moles. These procedures are not billed through insurance and are offered as cosmetic procedures in our practice.

World’s Famous Dermatologist also uses a therapeutic procedure, called cryotherapy, which dates back to 2500 BC, in which we use a cold temperature spray on the skin to achieve therapeutic improvement. Our provider uses cryotherapy to help patients recover from inflammatory acne and hyperpigmentation. We also use it to freeze small infections like warts, molluscum, and pre-cancers growths.


An annual skin cancer screen is one of the most important life-saving procedures that is performed at our office. This is especially true for patients with light-colored skin, red hair, green or blue eyes, and a history of sunburn. If this sounds like you, you have a higher risk of developing a pre-cancer or skin cancer in your lifetime and would benefit from an annual skin cancer screening. The World’s Famous Dermatologist providers examine your skin and its spots/moles in terms of their size, shape, color, how regular they appear, how they look compared to each other, and how they compare to other patients with your own skin type who have had challenges with skin cancer prevention. Our guests are very grateful when we make early detection of skin cancer to help keep them safe.

World’s Famous Dermatologist proudly offers the following medical dermatology services in Stockbridge, MariettaJohns Creek & Lawrenceville to our patients:

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Allow World’s Famous Dermatologists to go over your unique needs with you today. This includes anything related to medical dermatology. Contact either our Sandy Springs,  Stockbridge, Johns Creek, Marietta, or Lawrenceville locations. Along with the superior knowledge you desire, we have the advanced techniques and exceptional products it takes to deliver comprehensive skin care treatment to patients in Atlanta metropolitan area.

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