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Moles or Skin Tags Removal

Our state-of-the-art facility provides superior moles or skin tags removal in Johns Creek, Stockbridge, & Lawrenceville, Georgia. Our World's Famous
Dermatologists are outstanding in removing the unpleasant skin irritation that a skin tag or mole causes our patients. You can find relief in a simple in-office procedure using our most delicate surgical excision procedure or an exceptional liquid nitrogen treatment with cryosurgery.

Moles or Skin Tags Removal

World’s Famous Dermatologist

Causes of Moles

Melanocytes are skin cells that grow in clusters or clumps. These pigmented clusters are commonly known mole. Moles appear anywhere on the body and vary in size. You may notice them as flat, raised, smooth, or wrinkly.

Concerning Mole Symptoms

Generally, moles are pretty common. Many people have up to 40 moles on their body. New moles can develop into your 30s.

What are the signs that should cause concern? 

Precancerous mole warning signs include border, color, and shape asymmetry. Shades of red, tan, and dark brown and any moles that have colors spreading out the edges are a concern. You may start to see redness or scaling.

Moles are often harmless, but a dermatologist exam is the best way to ensure your overall health. Our world-famous dermatologists conduct a skin exam. They review any concerning conditions they notice. After your exam is complete, your dermatologist will recommend the best treatment plan for you.

Causes of Skin Tags

Have you noticed skin growths from the folds of your skin? 

Often harmless, these flesh-colored bumps are called skin tags. Causes of skin tags vary. It could be something simple as friction or medically concerning as diabetes. Other potential causes include weight gain and genetics. Do you know of family members who have had skin tags? If you do, you may eventually notice them too. Our dermatologists have years of experience with skin tags. They will recommend using the best removal method for you.

Our World’s Famous Dermatologists are ready to provide the sensitive treatment you need. You do not need any referrals for mole or skin tag removals.

Call for your same-day appointment and get the relief you desire today in Johns Creek, Lawrenceville, or Stockbridge locations.

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