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About Marietta, Georgia

Our Marietta dermatology clinic, World’s Famous Dermatologist, is happy to be your go to Marietta dermatologist. Known as one of the best-managed cities in the nation, Marietta, Georgia has garnered national praise for offering residents an undeniably high-quality life. Located a mere 20 miles northwest of the capital city of Atlanta, Marietta is one of Georgia’s most influential cities. It serves as the Cobb County seat, and happens to be one of the largest of Atlanta suburbs. Therefore, residents of Marietta can easily gain access to the major metropolis of Atlanta by accessing it via Interstate 285. However, there is plenty to do right inside this bedroom community’s city limits.

As a proud part of the Marietta community, we happily provide world-class dermatologist services to the estimated 56,579 residents who unquestionably call Marietta home. At our Marietta dermatology branch of World’s Famous Dermatologist, we offer a wide range of cosmetic and medical dermatology services. Additionally, we feature a high-quality line of skincare products. We are dedicated to promoting skin health along with overall wellness to all Marietta residents as an East Cobb Marietta Dermatologist.

Marietta Dermatologist Marietta Dermatology

Things to do In Marietta

There are a great deal of things to do within the city limits of Marietta, Georgia, many of which involve its rich cultural history and commitment to the arts. For example, you can enjoy any of the following:

  • Marietta Trolley Tour: The Marietta Trolley tour is a fun tour via trolley of the Antebellum Square, grand antebellum homes and civil war battlefields.
  • Other Featured Museums: The Marietta Museum of History,  The Marietta Gone with the Wind Museum: Scarlett on the Square, and the Root House Museum are additional stops you can make when visiting the city that also go in depth into the city’s rich history.
  • Food Tours: Enjoy the famous Marietta Food Tour, which takes you to seven downtown restaurants,  including Australian and Colombian eateries, along with sweet treats from a “seen on TV” bakery, along with those serving traditional southern fare. Although not part of the food tour itself, you can also grab lunch at “The Big Chicken” which is a local landmark located at the intersection of Roswell Road and Cobb Parkway.
  • The Strand:  The Strand Theatre, built in the Art Deco period of 1935, is considered the most iconic building in the city. It sadly sat vacant for years after operating as a movie theatre until its closure in 1976. However, it has recently been renovated and restored to its previous glory. Now, residents and tourists alike can visit the Strand to enjoy classic films, stage productions, concerts and special events. Furthermore, it features a bar on its terrace that overlooks the picturesque square.
Additional Information

Although the city is abounding in historic significance, it also features many modern activities, giving it an urban spirit within a small town setting. You can visit any of the numerous local restaurants and shops or attend any of the many regularly hosted downtown events. These include farmer’s markets, parades and arts strolls. Marietta’s Glover Park which is the site of many outdoor events and concerts is also a favorite for residents and visitors alike.

Marietta Weather

Marietta enjoys a fairly mild winter with temperatures only occasionally dipping below freezing. This, of course, makes it ideal for outdoor events and activities. Of course, summers can be hot, but thankfully, there are several ways to beat the heat and humidity of summer by visiting the Sewell Park Pool or the indoor ice rink at the Marietta Ice Center.

Marietta Schools

Most kids living within the city limits of Marietta proudly and emphatically attend Marietta City Schools. This award-winning charter school system allows schools to focus on alternative learning and consequently giving them the freedom to vary from the rest of the Cobb County school system.

Marietta City Schools are actually the only city system that operates as a separate entity, acting independently of Cobb County school system. Marietta City Schools allow specialized focus of certain academic categories, such as placing an emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning along with embracing the International Baccalaureate way of teaching.

There are also several colleges that call Marietta home, including:

  • Life University: A specialized chiropractic school of medicine and health science.
  • Southern Polytechnic State University.
  • The Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.
  • The Marietta branch of the Chattahoochee Technical College.
The Marietta Way of Life

While Marietta is close enough to Atlanta to give residents quick access to everything a big city offers, there is plenty to do right within the city limits. This is of course thanks to Marietta’s rich history and many modern offerings that highlight the arts and music. It is a wonderful place to live, providing a bit of a respite from the big city living of Atlanta, while still offering a wide range of activities and accommodations to residents. It truly is the best of “big city living” with a small-town atmosphere.

Marietta Dermatologist Service List: World’s Famous Dermatologist

As a proud part of the Marietta community, we at World’s Famous Dermatologists in Marietta offer the following dermatology services:

Dermatology Cosmetic Services: 
Medical Dermatology at Marietta Location: 
Dermatology Skin Care Products:

World’s Famous Dermatologist features their own skin care line. These products are designed to treat a particularly wide range of skin issues. Of course, it’s important to consult with our professional staff. They will determine which product would work best for your specific needs. Subsequently, this will ensure compatibility between our products and those you might have filled by a pharmacist.

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