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Acne Treatment


Acne Treatment

Did you know your acne zit is actually on your face three to six weeks before you even see it?

Yes, It's true.

Your pores get clogged by skin cells and cannot excrete oil properly. This is the perfect recipe for propionibacterium acnes, P. acnes for short. Once started, the bacteria grows until it finally ruptures- causing the red raised "ouchy” you call a pimple. In fact, acne can rupture from either open or closed pores. The inflamed spots are filled with excess oil and bacteria.

Common Forms of Acne


Just like the name, small white pimples on top of the skin are called whiteheads. Whitehead pores are closed and causes acne.


Unlike whiteheads, blackhead bumps are open pores but oxygen oxidizes what’s inside the pore, turning it the dark, black color.

Whitehead and blackhead bumps are both smaller. But once the pore walls become so inflamed, larger pimples grow.


Red hard bumps and hard to touch are papules.


This is the most common type of pimple people encounter.

Cysts & Nodules

Deeper and larger infections that appear after whiteheads and blackheads rupture inside the skin become cysts. These skin cysts are similar to boils. If you can feel a large hard pump without redness, this is called a nodule.

Acne Treatment Options

Scheduling an appointment with our innovative, breakthrough acne treatment center is your first step on your path to a breakout free life. During your visit, your dermatologist will get to know you and your skin history. Next, your comprehensive treatment plan best suited for you. A variety of in-office and take-home care products are available to ensure long term success.

Acne can be embarrassing and affect day to day life.

We get it. We’ve been there.

That’s why our dermatologists make customized treatment plans suited to fit your unique acne treatment needs.

Call and set up your same-day acne treatment appointment now. Start living your best life today!

Schedule your acne treatment consultation with our world’s famous dermatologist team at either our Johns Creek, Stockbridge & LawrencevilleGeorgia offices. Don’t delay, schedule the first step on the road to acne treatment recovery.

During your consultation, your dermatologist will review your unique case and provide a positive treatment plan.

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