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Allergies and Hives

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Allergies and Hives

Itchy, red and raised skin rash often triggered by an allergic reaction are called hives. Hives are the body's way of sending a message that something in the environment is damaging to the body. Once you notice hives, allergy testing can provide much desired answers of relief.

Allergy Testing and Treatment

Different parts of the year can trigger allergy suffers through changes in the weather and plant life. For those who suffer from high-level allergies, the season may come as a dreaded time of year, interfering with typical day to day activities.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone. Millions of Americans end up in their dermatologists' offices, asking for treatment options. There is hope.

First, let's look at how allergy testing can provide answers.

What types of allergy testing methods are there?

Allergies can be mild to severe. Skin rashes and dermatitis are common allergy-induced skin conditions. By completing an allergy testing panel, you can determine your body triggers. Thus, reduce your symptoms for every season to follow.

Types of Allergy Testing

Various types of allergy tests are available. Many test a variety of allergens triggers and look for an inflammation response.

Scratch or Prick Allergy Testing

Your dermatologist will scratch a small area and apply drops of potential allergen triggers to your skin. Positive reaction symptoms are redness, inflammation, and possibly swelling.

Intradermal Allergy Testing.

Potential triggers are injected under the skin. A reaction will only be visible at the injection site.

Food Sensitivity Testing

If environmental allergies are not an issue, you may wish to conduct a food sensitivity test. This is a simple blood draw test that comprehensively checks for antibody reactions to foods and spices in your diet.

Time to Consider Allergy Shots?

Once your allergy test results and are not able to avoid these triggers in your environment, allergy shots may be a viable treatment option.

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