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Bacterial Infection Treatment

Treatment of Bacterial Infection of Skin

Bacterial Infection Treatment

The human body is a scientific wonder. Your skin, the largest organ of your body, serves as a barrier to bacteria. Some bacteria live on top of the skin; however, it is prevented from entering the body. While your skin barrier is often effective, some bacteria may penetrate through tiny openings of the hair follicles, or small wounds such as insect bites, sunburn, and scapes. When bacteria can enter the body, bacterial infections can range from a little to large surface areas of the body. A bacterial infection could vary from minimal to life-threatening. Worlds Famous Dermatologist specializes in bacterial infection treatments at our various locations in Stockbridge, Lawrenceville, Marietta, and Johns Creek.

Bacterial Infection


Hair follicles can become inflamed, causing an abscess under the skin. Correspondingly, these boils are called furuncles. A carbuncle is a bacterial infection made up of connected cluster underneath the skin surface of these boils (furuncles). They are often very painful, for one thing, and they can affect many places of the body including neck, face, buttocks, nose, ear, or fingers.

Furthermore, treatments for carbuncles could be as simple as a warm compress, or as invasive as doctors surgically cutting the boils open and draining.

Lastly, other common minor bacterial infections include Exthyma, Erythrasma, Folliculitis, and Impetigoto name a few.

Higher Risk Health Conditions

Inflamed skin is more susceptible to bacterial infections. Additionally, those who suffer from other conditions, including diabetes, poor circulation, and immune disorders, are at a higher risk.

Bacterial Infection Prevention

The best prevention steps are simple soap and water. However, if you have open sores or damaged skin, covering with bandages can reduce infection risk. Another option of applying a thick moisture barrier can be effective. Also, for large areas of dry and inflamed skin, apply petrolatum jelly.

Best Bacterial Infection Treatment Options

Once the skin is compromised and a bacterial infection begins to grow, treatment options include antibiotics and isolating and draining abscesses.

If you are suffering from painful bacteria-infected boils, contact our world-class treatment clinic for your appointment today. After that, our specialists will quickly access your current needs and provide immediate relief. Our clinic understands the urgency of your needs, so there are no medical referrals needed, and we accept multiple forms of payment.

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