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How to Find Us in Stockbridge

We currently have locations that serve Stockbridge, Johns Creek, Marietta, and Lawrenceville, Georgia.
Monday - Friday 9am-5pm
3rd Saturday of the month - 12pm-5pm


We at the World’s Famous Dermatologist are undoubtedly proud to be a part of the Stockbridge, Georgia community. Additionally, we are pleased to provide a wide range of innovative, personalized, and necessary medical dermatology services and skincare products. Our office is located conveniently in the Atlanta metropolitan area, in northwestern Henry County, Georgia. Also, Stockbridge’s northwestern border follows the Clayton County line and our offices are situated just 20 miles from downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

Stockbridge Dermatologist Stockbridge Dermatology

Slow Paced Life of Rural America With Big City Access

Although our offices are considered part of the Atlanta metropolitan area, we are just a short drive from the big city. The small-town feel of Stockbridge allows a slower pace of life. Thankfully, though, the close proximity to the Capital City gives our citizens easy access to a wide range of entertainment and attractions. Stockbridge schools are part of the proud Henry County School District. For example, the highest-ranked schools within the district are Lorraine Elementary School, General Ray Davis Middle School, and Woodland High School. We proudly offer our dermatological services to all those within this district, along with those from miles outside our district.

Why You Need Our Services

As a member of the Stockbridge, Georgia, community, you undoubtedly want to look your best for a trip into the big city or even to hang out with the locals.  This includes New Unity Monument Park which is located at the intersection of Rock Quarry Road and Eagle’s Landing Parkway. Additionally, other great locations include the Clark Community, Gardner or Memorial Park. Furthermore, in January 2020 our picturesque community celebrated our 100th birthday! Lastly, take advantage of our cosmetic dermatologist and medical dermatologist services and our amazing skincare products that will have you looking your best at all events in the community and/or nearby Atlanta.

Services Offered

We at the World’s Famous Dermatologist Stockbridge office want to help you with any and all medical dermatological or cosmetic issues, specifically. The following are just a few of our most common services:

In addition to being part of your outward beauty, your skin is a vital part to your overall health. Undeniably, allergies, food sensitivity, and other dermatological conditions that inhibit your ability to enjoy life, can negatively affect your self-esteem and confidence. Of course, these conditions can be addressed and remedied. We at the World’s Famous Dermatologist are happy to serve you in these matters, straightaway.

Contact Us Today

If you are suffering from any of the above conditions, please call us at  (678) 800-0180 to learn more. Furthermore, if you are suffering from a condition not listed, but it falls under the medial or cosmetic dermatology umbrella, we can help you. We proudly serve our Stockbridge Georgia community as well as the surrounding counties. Lastly, don’t let your skin suffer from neglect or improper skincare products any longer. To emphasize, let us help you find your best self today!