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We currently have locations that serve Marietta, Stockbridge, Johns Creek, and Sandy Springs, Georgia.
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About Dacula, Georgia

Located in eastern Gwinnett County, this is the most recent branch of World’s Famous Dermatologist. If you are looking for a dermatologist in or around the Dacula area, we are currently accepting new patients and are ready to serve you. Along with regular dermatology services, we also proudly offer medical and cosmetic dermatological services to serve you and your family.

Whether you are new to the city of Dacula or have called it home for a lifetime, you likely know about and appreciate the historical elements featured in this fine town. Dacula happens to be one of the first areas in present-day metropolitan Atlanta to be developed by settlers. Today, it remains home to some of the oldest buildings in the greater Atlanta area. Read on to learn more about the Dacula area what makes it so great and what services you can expect at World’s Famous Dermatologist at the Dacula branch:

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Dacula, Georgia proudly offers some of the best in Georgia in terms of public educational opportunities. Dacula schools, which consist of 13 different schools— some of which are listed below— are top public schools that are highly rated:

  • Archer High School
  • Dacula Middle School
  • McConnell Middle School
  • Harbins Elementary School
  • Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology
  • Dyer Elementary School
  • Fort Daniel Elementary School
  • Pukett’s Mill Elementary School
Lifestyle of Dacula

While it is technically located in eastern Gwinnett County and only 37 miles from the downtown, Dacula has a small-town feel that those who reside within its borders understand and appreciate. The population as of 2010 was a mere 4,442, ensuring this suburb of Atlanta remains close-knit. Thankfully, since it is close enough to quickly access downtown Atlanta, residents of Dacula get the best of both worlds. They enjoy the rich offerings of a thriving metropolis in Atlanta but are far enough away that when they go back home, they can relax in a small town setting. This closeness to Atlanta yet distance away makes Dacula one of the best places to reside in all of Georgia. Many families and young professionals call Dacula home and are looking forward to putting down roots of their own in this highly rated town.

Of course, to experience all that Dacula has to offer, residents have to ensure they are in good health. No need to suffer from various dermatological ailments or even allergies. After all, there is too much to do in Dacula to have to miss out due to problems such as these. Thankfully, Dacula Dermatologist of World’s Best Dermatologist are ready and willing to help residents with these sorts of issues. Getting them back to the fun of Dacula as soon as possible.

Medical Dermatology Services Offered 

Beyond anything else and lastly, our purpose at World Famous Dermatologist of Dacula, Georgia is to help you with any cosmetic or medical dermatological issues. Our convenient location in Dacula means you don’t have to travel into the big city to get the help you need. We offer a myriad of services, a few of our most popular are outlined below:

  • Acne Treatment:

    You deserve to look your best, so if acne is an issue, let us examine you and determine what can be done to safely and effectively remedy the problem.

  • Allergies and Hives:

    You want to get out and enjoy all Dacula has to offer, not be relegated to indoors thanks to allergies and hives.

  • Allergy Testing:

    Not sure what you are allergic to or if you have allergies at all? Let us help you find out.

  • Bacterial Infections:

    This type of infection is extremely common and can quickly develop on the skin. It’s not a huge deal if you deal with it appropriately, which we can help you with.

  • Cysts:

    Not only can they be embarrassing, they can sometimes be painful. Let us help you with any cysts that might be present on your body.

  • Dandruff:

    This is another common issue we can help you overcome.

  • Food Sensitivity Testing:

    The last thing you want to do is eat something that your body is going to fight against. Let us help you determine what could be causing you sensitivity issues in terms of what you are eating.

  • Folliculitis:

    This common yet aggravating problem is also something we can address in office.

  • Fungal Infections:

    Don’t let a common fungal infection get in the way of living your best life, let us address it today.

  • Hair Loss:

    While it might seem minor, hair loss is a major issue for those who are experiencing its effects. Don’t wait another day to get the help you deserve.

  • Itching and Inflammation:

    Sometimes the skin becomes inflamed and itches. This is very uncomfortable. Contact us today to remedy this issue.

  • Itchy Scalp:

    Don’t let your itchy scalp keep you from enjoying life. We can help with this issue.

  • Skin Tags or Moles:

    Moles and skin tags, especially if they are in specific locations, can be embarrassing and painful. Don’t wait another day to perhaps get these removed by our dermatological professionals.

  • Warts:

    Who wants warts? Not us! We are happy to help you deal with your problem warts as well.

  • Psoriasis:

    This condition is another common ailment we treat in our Dacula office.

  • Virtual Services:

    If you are still uncomfortable coming into our offices, we do provide some levels of virtual services. Contact us to learn more about these specific services.

  • Much, Much, More:

    To name all our many services in one comprehensive list would be impossible. If you did not see your condition listed or are unsure what is going on in your specific case, there is no need to fret. We offer many more services than are listed.

Cosmetic Dermatology Services: 
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If you live in or around Dacula and need dermatological services, contact us today at World’s Famous Dermatologist, Dacula Dermatology branch. Remember, your skin is vital to your overall health. Don’t dismiss a skin issue simply because it seems minor. Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Don’t neglect it, call us today.

Dermatology Skin Care Products:

World’s Famous Dermatologist features their own skin care line. These products are designed to treat a particularly wide range of skin issues. Of course, it’s important to consult with our professional staff. They will determine which product would work best for your specific needs. Subsequently, this will ensure compatibility between our products and those you might have filled by a pharmacist.

Contact Us 

If you live in the Dacula area, trust World’s Famous Dermatologist for your medical and cosmetic skincare needs. Moreover, call us at (678) 336-6618 today to schedule an appointment for any skin related issue, including food sensitivity and allergy testing.